Continuation Strategy in Forex Trading – Published in forex trading tutorial

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Continuation strategy is otherwise known as trend trading strategy or pattern strategy. It is commonly used by most traders when trying to make trading decisions. Together with other trading tools, this strategy will help you sharpen your judgment to make better and winning trades.

It is also important to know that patterns mean a very significant signal from a trader’s eye. With good mastery on continuation strategy, it can give one an edge to spot a good trading entry point hence, more profitable results. Watch this video to learn more.


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Comment (1)

  1. Hi there

    Hope you doing well,i tried using your continuation strategy.

    And it seemed to work really well ,i tried it on a short and daily

    time frame so far it has been going well,i just have a question

    for the Risk Reward i noticed that you normally go for a 1:1 Risk Reward

    is there a way on getting a better R/R on this strategy ?