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Forex Lot Size Calculator For All MT4 Forex Brokers
“Trader on Chart” trading panel explained
1. You can open market orders immediately with one mouse button click.
2. You can place pending orders and straddle orders.
3. TOC can calculate the right lot size for your trade when you choose to risk certain percentage or amount of money.
4. Stop Loss can be set in pips, exact price, or at the last or next to last closed price candle.
5. Take Profit can be set in pips, exact price, in seconds and SLTP ratio.
6. Every trade can have its own Trailing Stop (TS) and a Break Even (BE) value.
7. TOC allows you to trade in two modes. “Two Way Trading” and “One Way Trading”.
8. TOC has OCO option (One-Cancels-Other).
9. TOC has ability to close orders with a single click.
10. You can minimize TOC trading panel.
11. You can save the default TOC settings.
12. You can load the default TOC settings.
13. TOC displays the spread.
14. You can execute orders instantly or schedule for the specified time.


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