WHY DID WE MAKE OUR FOREX TRADING SIGNALS SO CHEAP? – Published in forex trading signals

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The reality is that there is just way too much information available online when it comes to Forex Trading. The result is that people end up learning a bunch f stuff that doesn’t really mean much or help them at all. Many people even end up paying a lot of money to be no better off than when they started.

At Green Box Markets, we have decided that it is necessary to make good information and accurate strategies available to anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to trade Forex or how to improve on their current skill set.

Trading Forex using candlestick patterns and structure formations. Foreign exchange trading can be a very lucrative solution to making money online. It is imperative to have the required knowledge and skill set to be a successful forex trader. Correct money management principals and adhering to the rules of your strategy require discipline and commitment.

My forex trading strategy is based on trading patterns using technical analysis and the Eliott Wave theory but I do use a basic understanding of fundamental analysis before entering a trade. My Stop Loss and Take Profit targets are based on support and resistance levels.

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At Green Box Markets we are focused on providing an all in one solution to people who wish to take advantage of the profits that are available on the financial market. Green Box Markets is based in South Africa. Trading Forex in South Africa is gaining in popularity and we are excited about the future prospects this holds.

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  1. Excellent work Mr White!! You are setting the standard very high for quality trading and trading education!!